Wills in Victoria

Making a thorough and precise Will is of crucial importance to ease the burden on your loved ones after you are gone. A Will helps to secure your intentions for the distribution of your assets and possessions. We can assist you with

  • making a new Will
  • updating an existing will
  • accounting for complex legal and financial structures
  • to accounting for substantial assets overseas
  • considering the effects of taxation of your estate


Making a Will is generally a four stage process:

  • You will come in to our office to give either is instructions relating to your assets and your desired distribution. If you are unable to attend our office, we can attend your home
  • Our solicitors will review your instructions and draft a Will.
  • We will send you the draft for your approval or further amendment.
  • Upon your approval of the document you will attend our office for the signing of the Will.


Preparation of Wills at Prior Law are completed by the lawyers in the Wills and Estates team, which is overseen by Rosemary Prior, Accredited Specialist in Wills and Estates, Partner:

Rosemary Prior

Jim McCarthy

John Byrne

Caitlyn Petrie

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