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The property lawyers at Prior Law in Melbourne have years of experience with the often complicated rules and legislation surrounding the sale and purchase of land and chattels. We can assist with everything from conveyancing to more involved matters such as adverse possession of land in Victoria.


General Law Land

When Australia was first established, land ownership was administered under a system called General Law. General Law land often had a complicated chain of title that was hard to trace. 150 years ago the Torrens system of land title was introduced in an effort to simplify the recording and transferral of land title. As the system requires just a single certificate of title evidence of ownership, it has largely succeeded.

Purchase of General Law land can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Also, it is now required for all such land to be converted to Torrens land when ownership is transferred. When undertaking a transaction of this kind, you want to have experienced property lawyers you can trust – and in Daniel Prior, you can find these at Prior Law in Melbourne.


Adverse Possession

We can also assist with claims of adverse possession in the state of Victoria, as Daniel Prior has extensive experience in this area. If you have been in possession of a parcel of land for more than fifteen years and can provide Land Victoria with satisfactory proof that your occupation has been continuous and exclusive over this time, you may be able to claim that land as your own. Though this sounds simple, it requires evidence of possession, a testament on your behalf from a disinterested witness, and a report from a qualified surveyor, among other things. You also need a solicitor to provide evidence that you have carried out certain necessary actions, such as making diligent and thorough enquiries about the land before launching your application.


For expert assistance with property law, contact Daniel Prior. We can help you with property purchase, title searches and adverse possession claims in Victoria.

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