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Intellectual property, or IP, refers to the rights that are granted by the law for the protection of creative effort, specifically its economic and financial value. As IP is intangible rather than physical, it can be harder to recognise than other kinds of property. Its value, however, is very real, and infringement can be costly.


If you want to manage and protect this valuable resource, the intellectual property lawyers in our Melbourne office can help. There are four main areas within this legal sector, each based around a specific form of IP:

  • Patent Law – protecting a client’s rights to their inventions or scientific and medical discoveries.
  • Copyright Law – protecting tangible, authored works such as maps, drawings and books.
  • Trademark Law – focused on brand names and logos.
  • Trade Secret Law – protects your confidential information from competitors.


At Prior Law, our intellectual property lawyers can help you navigate the issues of IP and copyright. We provide services across all four aspects, whether you need advice about whether your copyright has been infringed, or how to patent a new scientific process you have discovered. We can assist firms in designing a strategy for IP management to make sure your ownership rights are always current and protected. If an infringement on your IP rights ends up in court, we can represent your interests with years of experience and full knowledge of the law behind us.


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