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Conveyancing is the process of transferring legal title of land and property from one owner to another. It’s usually quite straightforward, but even the most basic of these transactions involves a lot of complex legal jargon and conditions. That’s why it’s recommended to engage a professional for conveyancing in Melbourne property. Prior Law’s property lawyer is Daniel Prior.


A large part of the conveyancing process involves property or title searches. There is a dizzying amount of necessary information related to property ownership: planning restrictions, council rates, zoning regulation and more. Professionals have access to services that allow them to streamline their searches and complete them more quickly, which makes it easier to reach important deadlines and prevent the transaction being delayed.


Lawyers can also go beyond this, with the ability to assist you if an issue occurs that’s outside the scope of title transfer. For example, if the property you’re selling or buying is part of a deceased estate, lawyers can advise on the will and tax implications.


It’s also helpful to have a lawyer on your side if the property transaction turns out to be a complicated one. Possible issues can range from financing problems with the bank to a dispute over the property’s boundary. At best, such things can delay the title transfer; at worst, they can topple the purchase entirely. Our lawyers have the expertise to handle these issues as well as the rest of the duties relating to conveyancing.


When you need a conveyancer for your Melbourne property Daniel Prior has the experience to see the transaction through.


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