Notary Public in Melbourne

A notary is a public officer appointed by law to serve the public in duties such as:

  • administering oaths for the giving of evidence;
  • witnessing the execution of local and international documents such as mortgages, authorities, powers of attorney;
  • and assigning of intellectual property.


Their duties are similar to those of a Justice of the Peace, with the essential difference that a public notary’s signature has international authority under the Hague convention. Therefore any document that needs to be witnessed or authenticated for production overseas must have this completed by a public notary. At Prior Law, Stephen Prior is a qualified Notary Public who can provide this service for you at our Bentleigh, Melbourne office.


The qualifications needed to undertake these duties reflect the authority they bestow. In Victoria, these officers must be solicitors that have had training in Notarial Practice and held a Principal Practising Certificate for at least five years. After this, they must be admitted to the Supreme Court as a notary. Their signature and seal is registered on the Australian Government’s database for authentication purposes.


Our resident Notary Public in Melbourne, Stephen Prior, is a firm partner with more than 25 years experience in family law, personal injury, civil litigation and property law, as well as qualification in this internationally recognised office.

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