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A lease is a binding contract for a set period of time, frequently a large, complex document filled with legal jargon. To ensure you understand your lease, recruiting a leasing lawyer can be a very worthwhile investment. Taking this precaution can save you unexpected expenses at a later date and may even prevent you taking on a property that is more trouble than it’s worth.


A lease should include essential information, such as who is responsible for performing maintenance repairs, servicing utilities, and how and when the landlord can enter the property. It may also contain provisions relating to property usage that can affect your future plans. For example, if you’re leasing a commercial space in a shopping complex, there could be a clause allowing the landlord to move your store to another location at their behest, without compensation or financial assistance. Or perhaps a contract on your residential lease has a condition that stops you from running a home business from the site.


Madeline Prior, our experienced and knowledgeable leasing lawyer, can help you decipher your contract and ensure it is free of any unfair or illegal clauses. We can also give you expert assistance when negotiating for better or more suitable terms.


Don’t sign on the dotted line until you’ve got the agreement you want – call Prior Law first!

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